My “introduction”

Im a stay at home mom. I’ll be 23 in two days. I have a 3 year old daughter, an amazing husband, and way to many puppies living in my house at the moment. My daughter doesn’t have a set schedule.. sometimes shes up until 2a.m. We love race cars and four wheeling. My daughter has been riding horses since she turned one. I am a book hoarder.

I love watching youtube videos. Some of the makeup “gurus”, sometimes the book tubers, and sometimes just the videos of moms with their kids. I always wanted to start a channel but im not really down with being on camera or having my daughter on camera right now. Plus, I’m into so many things.. how could I choose one specific thing to talk about. I am a mom, a book addict, a crafter, and a bunch more things.

So this is where the blog comes in. Hopefully it will help me get my thoughts and idea’s out there. I really don’t know if anyone other than myself will ever read this, but a girl can dream. So I guess you can say that my posts are going to be pretty random. That is if I even remember to keep up with it. Im going to try though. So a little more of my mommy story..

My husband and I have been together for over 6 years. We have been married a little over a year. We got pregnant INTENTIONALLY when I was nineteen. And yeah yeah I know everyone thinks I was crazy to purposely get pregnant so young.. well I’ve always wanted a baby. and when my husband (long term boyfriend at the time) said he was ready, we got to work. I got pregnant immediately. I have pretty intense anxiety, so while I was pregnant and off my medicine you could say it was ten times worse. My daughter Lily made her way into the world 3 1/2 weeks early. Completely healthy except for jaundice. When she was first born I said I would have her on a perfect schedule and she would only eat healthy and this and that and well.. it didn’t happen that way. She was on something of a schedule but shes always been a night owl just like me. She was honestly a pretty awesome baby. Now as a toddler.. sometimes that can be a whole other story. To sum up what i’m talking about here.. I am no where near a super mom. Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I just feel like spending the day at the beach with Lily than keeping the house clean. Sometimes we have chicken nuggets for dinner. And sometimes we watch frozen six times a day.

My daughter is healthy, happy, and loved.

That takes precident over everything else for me.

Anywhooo.. Mostly this blog is starting because my husband bought me a new laptop for my upcoming birthday and other than sitting on youtube or pintrest.. this seems like something to do with some extra time. Welcome to the mish mash of my blog :]




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