The Urge To Purge!

I’ve always loved the idea of DE cluttering! Let me repeat.. THE IDEA. When it comes down to it I tend to get a bit sentimental to well.. everything. Especially when it come to my daughters belongings. So I’ve decided to take my house by storm. Yesterday I took on my spare bedroom which was mostly a success. I live with my husband, my 3 year old daughter, and my mother in law. So some things that were hers I try to stay away from. She has been pretty good with decluttering with me though.

I am about to take on a rather large project.. MY BEDROOM. I clean it and it becomes a dysfunctional mess within a day. I think my biggest problem is that not everything has a place. We just have to much. I have a pretty extensive book collection. Or should I say, had. I purged a fair amount of books. I now have 3 shelves of books, 2 rows deep. As opposed to what I used to have which was two book shelves. I also have a smaller shelf with a handful of books I haven’t read. The books I have kept are ones that I have re-read or plan to re-read. When it comes to clothing.. I honestly don’t have much compared to some women I know. I’m pretty simple when it comes to outfit. jean shorts and a tank with flip flops and I’m good to go. My husband on the other hand has about twice as much as I do! To be fair, he wears almost all of it.

This is where I get stuck. I just compacted all of my craft supplies which are residing in my room. It’s everything else.. and I don’t even know what everything else is! Random paper work. Tons of pictures in frames. All of our movies. My makeup [which is barely anything], nail polish. What is causing this mess?!

I should also mention, I have my 2 dogs. One of them gave birth in June and so the puppies whelping box is in my bedroom until Aug. 14. Which also takes up quite a bit of space in our already smallish room.

Since I have the little princess watching frozen and trying to fall asleep in my bed, the decluttering shall have to wait until further notice. Hopefully tomorrow.. I was hoping for after she went to bed but the way it’s looking, I will be asleep before her.

As for the decluttering I am trying to follow a few tips I’ve picked up along the way..

1. Do I ever plan on using it?

2. Have I used it in the last six months?

3. Can I live with out it?

4. Will someone I know get more use from it?

Most of my urge to purge comes from Pinksofoxy on youtube. Her videos that she calls “less stuff less stress” are pretty inspiring. Of course a big handful of what she is decluttering is makeup and lord know I maybe have enough makeup to fit into a small/medium sized makeup bag. Non the less, her videos get me pumped up and motivated to get rid of some crap. Which might I add is one of my biggest issues..


ugh I can be lazy. I will be the first to admit it! I just get easily overwhelmed. I will hopefully be updating with a declutter post soon. My plan is to watch some more declutter videos on youtube before I got to sleep so maybe I will wake up and just go to town. Not likely but I can hope..


I didn’t take pictures of what I’ve gotten rid of so far but I can list it?

  1. king sized comforter
  2. books
  3. old toys, broken toys, missing pieces
  4. two lamps
  5. a desk
  6. a glider
  7. a kids rocking chair
  8. an old tv
  9. booster seat
  10. stuffed animals
  11. there’s more.. I can’t remember it

Feels good to get stuff out though!



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