It’s my birthday. I can cry if I wanna..

Well, I am the big 23.. I’m not much for having a party or doing something crazy. I am more of a homebody to be honest and hate attention on me. A local place was supposed to be having a big blow up movie thing and jump houses which my daughter would have loved. That was the original plan. It’s pouring our right now. So I am thinking that it’s not going to happen.

My husband has been pretty persistent that we should do something. Personally, sitting home, renting a movie and ordering some food sounds pretty good to me. I’m thinking that’s probably not going to be the agenda. I do want to go do something.. I’m just not sure what yet.

Hubby and princess are still fast asleep so I figured I’d use this time to post and possibly shower. Maybe I’ll get real crazy and shave my legs. They’re in dire need.

Presents? My hubby gave me my gift early. This laptop which I am currently using and a wireless printer. My little princess got me a Disney princess case for my Nintendo 3ds. Yes, I do love me some video games. My best friend got me a black and pink pistol BB gun 🙂 She knows my redneck ways.

So the beginning of my birthday has started out my sleeping between hubby and princess. Then I finally got up and plopped my butt down on the couch to post and watch extreme couponers. Speaking of, I really would love to be able to extreme coupon. Anyone else watch this show and just think “really!” I would love to get $300 worth of groceries for $5. It’s just so confusing. Maybe I am just incompetent. Maybe I will attempt it? It would be cool to have a stock pile. Although I have no idea where on earth I would put it.

In other news, puppies go home on Aug. 14! I will miss them, but I am looking forward to my bedroom not smelling like sh*% all the time. This morning it is especially fierce.

My plans thus far is to finish this episode of extreme couponers and then shower. Exciting stuff!


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