I am certainly not the best writer in the world.. or even this town.

While I may not write the best or you the biggest words, I am still attempting to put my thoughts down.

I’ll work on it.

In other news.. not much got done today. The little princess decided to sleep half the day away. When she woke up we walked down to the beach to meet up with some friends. After that we came home and this momma fell asleep. I’m not to sure what is going on with me lately, but I’ve been feeling pretty off.

One thing we did accomplish was getting an extra bed into our spare bedroom for husband to sleep on when he gets home from work. (he works third shift) That has been my day thus far. It’s already 9 at night. So you could pretty much say my day was a bust. Oh I also managed to reheat some left overs from last night. woohoo.

Also, I’ve been married for over a year and have still not managed to get my dress dry cleaned and boxed up. It’s been sitting in my spare bedroom, so I kept forgetting about it. So I took it out last night and set it in my living room. It’s in a protective bag but my little one is pretty good at destroying things so I am hoping for it to give me some initiative to get the dress done.

Speaking of little one.. is something in the air? Maybe the water? But she has been a BEAST. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. I tell her something and the response I get? NO!

Excuse me but I really thought I was the adult here? She baffles me. I should state that I am not a push over parent. Can I be lenient? yes. But I do believe in timeouts, punishments, and when needed a tap on the butt. Literally nothing I do fazes her. I tell her if she keeps being bad she is going to have to go to bed early. What does she do? She goes and gets into bed! The other half of the time she completely ignores me. This past week has been pretty gruesome. They talk about terrible twos.. well folks I believe it should be terrible 3’s! Since we hit 3 it has been way worse than 2. I guess this is what I get for always talking about how good she was as a baby. Pray for me.

To completely digress from that subject, I went through her fall/winter clothes earlier in the week. To see what I need to start buying. I’m going to be honest. We do a lot of our shopping at some local consignment stores. I do buy her some new clothes, but honestly she is such a tom boy and gets everything dirty.. really what’s the point? My husband and I are the same way.. we usually buy used because for one, it’s cheaper. Two, it’s way cheaper. Lastly, you can find really nice stuff. One of my local consignment stores, that just so happens to be a minute up the street moved to a bigger location right in the same strip. Now it’s ten times easier to find stuff because it’s not so squished together. I finally went to check it out a couple of weeks ago and found out that every month a certain colored tag is only a dollar starting at the beginning of the month! So of course I get super excited and start scanning all of the isles. Considering it was the middle of the month and most of it was picked over, I still got a ton of good stuff! Now I am super excited for next month! Which is technically today.. oh I am an idiot sometimes. They said they usually don’t start it until a few days into the month.. So as soon as I get that email that it has started, it is soooo ON!! Maybe I can post pictures of what I get. If anyone would be interested? Not that anyone has read this yet, but I am keeping a positive attitude that some person shall happen along it and feel sorry for me and read it.

My brain is so scattered. I feel like I jump subjects a lot.

I am currently re-reading the YA summer boys series. It’s more middle grade but I enjoy it as a quick summer read. Who doesn’t love some summer romance?

I will hopefully be posting tomorrow.. no promises.

It’s my birthday. The big 23..

I hate getting older.


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