Summer boys

I just finished Summer boys and Next summer by Hailey Abbott. I just began After summer. Like I said, I have already read this series. Although, it has been some time since I had read it. I just love contemporary books for summer. The love triangles, summer homes, parties. It’s all just so fun to read. Hailey Abbott has such an easy to read style of writing. This series is the kind you can read in the matter of days. It just flows together so nicely. I haven’t read anything else by her but would be willing to give it a try. This series somewhat reminds me of The summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han.

With books that change character every chapter, it’s pretty easy to get confused but because all the girls personalities are so different it’s pretty easy to keep up.

I feel like who ever is reading it could at least relate to one of the characters. You have preppy, risqué Ella. Kelsi, her hippieish sister. Beth, who is in love with her best friend. Finally you have Jamie, the more reserved Tuttle cousin.



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