Giving way to the chase

I just chased down the ice cream truck with a vehicle of children. Princess and I were sitting home. I just had picked her up from her grandparents, and what do we hear a comin? Damn ice cream truck. So natural princess jumps up and yells MOMMY ICE CREAM!!! As if I couldn’t hear it for myself. So I get my wallet and get to the door and by then it had passed. So we go outside to wait since we live in a square neighborhood we figured they would come back by. So we wait, and now a couple other neighborhood kids have come outside with their money. Finally I don’t hear the music any more. So we all run to my vehicle and hop in. I chased it down, the kids got their ice cream, and I was the hero. HAH May I add that the lady giving out the ice cream was not very friendly.

As exhilarating as that story was. The past three day I have been in complete cleaning mode. Princess stayed at her grandparents so I was able to get some stuff done. I also spent earlier today with a certain prego friend of mine who isn’t due until the 19 but her dr thinks she is going to have the baby this week. So we walked, packed her hospital bag, and had her car seat installed at the fire station. Pretty exciting stuff.

I am being called upon so play cars with princess so will try to post more later.


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