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Giving way to the chase

I just chased down the ice cream truck with a vehicle of children. Princess and I were sitting home. I just had picked her up from her grandparents, and what do we hear a comin? Damn ice cream truck. So natural princess jumps up and yells MOMMY ICE CREAM!!! As if I couldn’t hear it for myself. So I get my wallet and get to the door and by then it had passed. So we go outside to wait since we live in a square neighborhood we figured they would come back by. So we wait, and now a couple other neighborhood kids have come outside with their money. Finally I don’t hear the music any more. So we all run to my vehicle and hop in. I chased it down, the kids got their ice cream, and I was the hero. HAH May I add that the lady giving out the ice cream was not very friendly.

As exhilarating as that story was. The past three day I have been in complete cleaning mode. Princess stayed at her grandparents so I was able to get some stuff done. I also spent earlier today with a certain prego friend of mine who isn’t due until the 19 but her dr thinks she is going to have the baby this week. So we walked, packed her hospital bag, and had her car seat installed at the fire station. Pretty exciting stuff.

I am being called upon so play cars with princess so will try to post more later.


Summer boys

I just finished Summer boys and Next summer by Hailey Abbott. I just began After summer. Like I said, I have already read this series. Although, it has been some time since I had read it. I just love contemporary books for summer. The love triangles, summer homes, parties. It’s all just so fun to read. Hailey Abbott has such an easy to read style of writing. This series is the kind you can read in the matter of days. It just flows together so nicely. I haven’t read anything else by her but would be willing to give it a try. This series somewhat reminds me of The summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han.

With books that change character every chapter, it’s pretty easy to get confused but because all the girls personalities are so different it’s pretty easy to keep up.

I feel like who ever is reading it could at least relate to one of the characters. You have preppy, risqué Ella. Kelsi, her hippieish sister. Beth, who is in love with her best friend. Finally you have Jamie, the more reserved Tuttle cousin.


The in-between..

I’m stressed.. I hate confrontation. I mean really hate it. Have you ever been close friends with someone for so long and all of a sudden you’re just like.. I can’t do this anymore. It’s a situation in which I am torn. When it’s good it’s good, but when it’s bad it’s horrible. Sometimes you have to sit and think.. does the good still out weigh the bad? I’ve been caused so much stress and anxiety over this person. They have caused rifts between my husband and I. There is much I could say about this person, but I won’t. We have had some great memories. I just really feel as though I can not take anymore. I am a 23 year old woman with a husband and child. I have my family to worry about. Not this issues of a serial dater. Is that a thing? It sounds right to me.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? Where a friendship just started being to much. I need time with my family. ALONE. If only I had a year to write about everything.. this would probably make more sense. So, to wrap this part up.. my anxiety about this sucks, but I guess everything that is supposed to happen, will happen. Wish me luck on this.

Onto better things! Birthday night last night was a great time. Hubby, princess and I spent the day together. We got lunch and he took me to pick out a birthday outfit. Then we were pretty lazy around the house until it was time to go out. I got ready, then we headed out for some adult birthday festivities. I am unsure to post what we did.. but anyways, it was a good time. I don’t drink and neither does hubby but we still had a blast. We ended up at IHOP at 2:30 in the morning and got home close to four. I was exhausted!

This morning my mother in law hung out with the princess so hubby and I could sleep in. And oooops did we sleep in. We had a birthday party to be at for one o’clock. What time did we wake up? Quarter to one. So we rushed and got ready, and of course last minute had to stop and get a present. We made in the in decent time anyway. Princess had a blast! Jumpy house, piñata, all kinds of fun stuff. She also chowed some chicken wings. She passed out on the way home. So her and hubby are napping together on the couch before he has to work.

I decided to prop myself up in bed and post. Maybe watch some tv. I am still exhausted even though I slept so late. My eyelids are drooping as we speak. Momma could end up napping as well. Although I am going to try my hardest not to because I wont be able to sleep tonight.

I haven’t read any of my book today since it’s been so hectic. I know if I try now, I will definitely crash.

This friendship thing is still really eating me up. I can’t stop stressing about it. How do you go about ending a friendship? Do you just say.. “listen I’m sick of your shit. beat it.” Honestly, I am more of the type of person that just casually drifts away. This is exhausting to think about. Sometimes I hate to not know the outcome of things. I know, I know, that’s life.

Guess I will just try to put a pin in it, and worry about it at another time.

Overall, the weekend was good. Except this crappy weather put a damper on things.

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well!

It’s my birthday. I can cry if I wanna..

Well, I am the big 23.. I’m not much for having a party or doing something crazy. I am more of a homebody to be honest and hate attention on me. A local place was supposed to be having a big blow up movie thing and jump houses which my daughter would have loved. That was the original plan. It’s pouring our right now. So I am thinking that it’s not going to happen.

My husband has been pretty persistent that we should do something. Personally, sitting home, renting a movie and ordering some food sounds pretty good to me. I’m thinking that’s probably not going to be the agenda. I do want to go do something.. I’m just not sure what yet.

Hubby and princess are still fast asleep so I figured I’d use this time to post and possibly shower. Maybe I’ll get real crazy and shave my legs. They’re in dire need.

Presents? My hubby gave me my gift early. This laptop which I am currently using and a wireless printer. My little princess got me a Disney princess case for my Nintendo 3ds. Yes, I do love me some video games. My best friend got me a black and pink pistol BB gun 🙂 She knows my redneck ways.

So the beginning of my birthday has started out my sleeping between hubby and princess. Then I finally got up and plopped my butt down on the couch to post and watch extreme couponers. Speaking of, I really would love to be able to extreme coupon. Anyone else watch this show and just think “really!” I would love to get $300 worth of groceries for $5. It’s just so confusing. Maybe I am just incompetent. Maybe I will attempt it? It would be cool to have a stock pile. Although I have no idea where on earth I would put it.

In other news, puppies go home on Aug. 14! I will miss them, but I am looking forward to my bedroom not smelling like sh*% all the time. This morning it is especially fierce.

My plans thus far is to finish this episode of extreme couponers and then shower. Exciting stuff!


I am certainly not the best writer in the world.. or even this town.

While I may not write the best or you the biggest words, I am still attempting to put my thoughts down.

I’ll work on it.

In other news.. not much got done today. The little princess decided to sleep half the day away. When she woke up we walked down to the beach to meet up with some friends. After that we came home and this momma fell asleep. I’m not to sure what is going on with me lately, but I’ve been feeling pretty off.

One thing we did accomplish was getting an extra bed into our spare bedroom for husband to sleep on when he gets home from work. (he works third shift) That has been my day thus far. It’s already 9 at night. So you could pretty much say my day was a bust. Oh I also managed to reheat some left overs from last night. woohoo.

Also, I’ve been married for over a year and have still not managed to get my dress dry cleaned and boxed up. It’s been sitting in my spare bedroom, so I kept forgetting about it. So I took it out last night and set it in my living room. It’s in a protective bag but my little one is pretty good at destroying things so I am hoping for it to give me some initiative to get the dress done.

Speaking of little one.. is something in the air? Maybe the water? But she has been a BEAST. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. I tell her something and the response I get? NO!

Excuse me but I really thought I was the adult here? She baffles me. I should state that I am not a push over parent. Can I be lenient? yes. But I do believe in timeouts, punishments, and when needed a tap on the butt. Literally nothing I do fazes her. I tell her if she keeps being bad she is going to have to go to bed early. What does she do? She goes and gets into bed! The other half of the time she completely ignores me. This past week has been pretty gruesome. They talk about terrible twos.. well folks I believe it should be terrible 3’s! Since we hit 3 it has been way worse than 2. I guess this is what I get for always talking about how good she was as a baby. Pray for me.

To completely digress from that subject, I went through her fall/winter clothes earlier in the week. To see what I need to start buying. I’m going to be honest. We do a lot of our shopping at some local consignment stores. I do buy her some new clothes, but honestly she is such a tom boy and gets everything dirty.. really what’s the point? My husband and I are the same way.. we usually buy used because for one, it’s cheaper. Two, it’s way cheaper. Lastly, you can find really nice stuff. One of my local consignment stores, that just so happens to be a minute up the street moved to a bigger location right in the same strip. Now it’s ten times easier to find stuff because it’s not so squished together. I finally went to check it out a couple of weeks ago and found out that every month a certain colored tag is only a dollar starting at the beginning of the month! So of course I get super excited and start scanning all of the isles. Considering it was the middle of the month and most of it was picked over, I still got a ton of good stuff! Now I am super excited for next month! Which is technically today.. oh I am an idiot sometimes. They said they usually don’t start it until a few days into the month.. So as soon as I get that email that it has started, it is soooo ON!! Maybe I can post pictures of what I get. If anyone would be interested? Not that anyone has read this yet, but I am keeping a positive attitude that some person shall happen along it and feel sorry for me and read it.

My brain is so scattered. I feel like I jump subjects a lot.

I am currently re-reading the YA summer boys series. It’s more middle grade but I enjoy it as a quick summer read. Who doesn’t love some summer romance?

I will hopefully be posting tomorrow.. no promises.

It’s my birthday. The big 23..

I hate getting older.

The Urge To Purge!

I’ve always loved the idea of DE cluttering! Let me repeat.. THE IDEA. When it comes down to it I tend to get a bit sentimental to well.. everything. Especially when it come to my daughters belongings. So I’ve decided to take my house by storm. Yesterday I took on my spare bedroom which was mostly a success. I live with my husband, my 3 year old daughter, and my mother in law. So some things that were hers I try to stay away from. She has been pretty good with decluttering with me though.

I am about to take on a rather large project.. MY BEDROOM. I clean it and it becomes a dysfunctional mess within a day. I think my biggest problem is that not everything has a place. We just have to much. I have a pretty extensive book collection. Or should I say, had. I purged a fair amount of books. I now have 3 shelves of books, 2 rows deep. As opposed to what I used to have which was two book shelves. I also have a smaller shelf with a handful of books I haven’t read. The books I have kept are ones that I have re-read or plan to re-read. When it comes to clothing.. I honestly don’t have much compared to some women I know. I’m pretty simple when it comes to outfit. jean shorts and a tank with flip flops and I’m good to go. My husband on the other hand has about twice as much as I do! To be fair, he wears almost all of it.

This is where I get stuck. I just compacted all of my craft supplies which are residing in my room. It’s everything else.. and I don’t even know what everything else is! Random paper work. Tons of pictures in frames. All of our movies. My makeup [which is barely anything], nail polish. What is causing this mess?!

I should also mention, I have my 2 dogs. One of them gave birth in June and so the puppies whelping box is in my bedroom until Aug. 14. Which also takes up quite a bit of space in our already smallish room.

Since I have the little princess watching frozen and trying to fall asleep in my bed, the decluttering shall have to wait until further notice. Hopefully tomorrow.. I was hoping for after she went to bed but the way it’s looking, I will be asleep before her.

As for the decluttering I am trying to follow a few tips I’ve picked up along the way..

1. Do I ever plan on using it?

2. Have I used it in the last six months?

3. Can I live with out it?

4. Will someone I know get more use from it?

Most of my urge to purge comes from Pinksofoxy on youtube. Her videos that she calls “less stuff less stress” are pretty inspiring. Of course a big handful of what she is decluttering is makeup and lord know I maybe have enough makeup to fit into a small/medium sized makeup bag. Non the less, her videos get me pumped up and motivated to get rid of some crap. Which might I add is one of my biggest issues..


ugh I can be lazy. I will be the first to admit it! I just get easily overwhelmed. I will hopefully be updating with a declutter post soon. My plan is to watch some more declutter videos on youtube before I got to sleep so maybe I will wake up and just go to town. Not likely but I can hope..


I didn’t take pictures of what I’ve gotten rid of so far but I can list it?

  1. king sized comforter
  2. books
  3. old toys, broken toys, missing pieces
  4. two lamps
  5. a desk
  6. a glider
  7. a kids rocking chair
  8. an old tv
  9. booster seat
  10. stuffed animals
  11. there’s more.. I can’t remember it

Feels good to get stuff out though!


Frozen Takeover!

Has Frozen taken over anyone else’s life lately?

I know it’s been out for a bit but my daughter just recently became obsessed with it. We have watched it multiple times a day. When she watches it she has to have the dress on, with the necklace and earrings. Then she HAS to have her hair in a braid like elsa’s. Oh and of course I can’t forget she has to have Elsa’s tiara on. When let it go comes on [which is her fav] she copies everything Elsa does. Right down to tossing her tiara across the room.

When we aren’t watching the movie because we are in the car, my mother bought her the cd. [wonderful]  So she has me play Let It Go over and over and over.

When we aren’t listening to the cd or watching the movie, she’s walking around the house singing it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not much cuter than hearing your child sing but she belts it through the house at all hours of the night.

She also got a frozen blanket for her birthday, which now has to go everywhere with us. She also tried to have me sleep with the new Elsa doll she got. Which is over sized and not cuddly at all.

I just need to know that I’m not the only mom drowning in snow!